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[TSPussyHunters] Lorelei Lee, TS Foxxy & Courtney Taylor

  • Added:
    04.01.2014 9:05
  • Last update:
    05.01.2014 7:57
  • By: Zbeast
  • Category: Erotic - Movies XXX

  • Size: 2.53 GB
  • Seeds: 49
  • Peers: 34
  • Downloaded: 4
  • Comments: 0

[TSPussyHunters] Lorelei Lee, TS Foxxy & Courtney Taylor (03.01.14) 720p The QueenPin, The Fox & The Little Bird: Punishing a Narc in Sex Sting presents a feature update starring Ts Foxxy, Lorelei Lee and Courtney Taylor. It's 1930's and San Francisco's Barbery Coast is booming with sex, illegal booze and all night speakeasy parties. Courtney has been knee deep in trouble for months now as mole in a high class call girl sex ring. She has worked her way up and formed alliances with the Queen Pin, Lorelei Lee and her right hand girl, Foxxy. Tonight, Courtney is supposed to prove her loyalty and take her first client. Back in the hotel room, she gets a call from her police chief - the deal is set to go. Tonight Courtney will bring down a dirty Senator and these two filthy whores. She has visions of stardom and glory. But what Courtney doesn't know is going to get her seriously punished....Lorelei and Foxxy are not new to this game. They were on to Courtney and her undercover scheme from day 1 and tonight, they are going to make her pay for lying to them. Tonight we see how well the Little Bird can take a fucking from the ruthless strap-on and fist of Lorelei and the hard missile cock of Foxxy. It's an epic all night sex-a-thon that ends with Courtney covered in cum and a surprise ending. It doesn't look like the Barbery Coast will become the Library Coast any time soon.... Duration: 01:11:12 Video: AVC (AVC) 1280x720 29.97fps 4948kbps Audio: AAC (AAC LC) 128 kb/s 44.1KHz (2 chnls) Screens: ========

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  • TSPussyHunters-34412_Fox_Lore_Court-720p_MP4.mp42.53 GB

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